Changes in Breast Forms from Time to Time

From puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, to menopause, women's breast forms can change. In general, this change is natural, although there are also those who consider it abnormal. Therefore, consider the following explanation about changes in breast shape. The position of a woman's breasts is located in front of the chest muscles. The breast itself is composed of several tissues, such as fat, connective tissue, blood vessels, and mammary glands. This mammary gland plays an important role in producing milk. Basically, the size and shape of each woman's breasts is different. This difference is usually influenced by the amount of fat and hormonal changes that occur along with the normal life cycle. Development of Breast Forms The following are the stages of changes in breast forms that occur during the life cycle, from puberty to menopause: Breast forms at puberty When a woman enters puberty, her body will produce and release the hormone estrogen. The
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